Stick to the plan!

The plan is all important. The first job is to figure out how the extra strings will be attached and draw it all out to see it it will work! I intend to keep the guitar as close to the standard Dreadnaught style as possible. Ill be working off this very well seasoned plan that I dug out of the back of a cabinet in St. John’s. I wonder how many guitars have been made using this very drawing?


I will be guided in all of this process by the master of all things lutherie, the guitar guru, the leader of lumber sonification, the amiable Declan Young, coordinator of the Musical Instrument Building and Repair course in St John Central College, Cork, where I have chosen to keep myself fetteredĀ in the workshop for the next 8 months. The veritable ball and chain of mortification that is building a musical instrument should keep me out of trouble for the winter, and hopefully, the sense of elation when we pull it off will make it all worth while.

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