Serious overhaul!

This is a Korean bass guitar I bought new ten years ago and it has served me well! After a tour in Europe with The Underscore Orkestra last summer I took it out of commision as it was a little worse for ware, same as myself!

The volume pot had gone intermittent and been bypassed; The frets were so worn some notes were failing to sound; The humbucker was falling out (due to insufficient gaff tape!) And a general air of wantonness had befallen this once proud instrument.

First the guitar was screwed to the bench by removing one of the machine heads. The neck was syraightened by adjusting the truss rod. Then the frets were filed down with emery paper glued to a straight aluminium beam.

To recrown the frets a small file with one safe edge was used. Permanent marker serves to indicate when the highest point is left in the middle of the fret.

To finish, ten strokes each or 600, 800, and 1200 grit carbide paper followed my 20 strokes of 0000 wire wool to polish the surface. 

The results are amazing. The frets are shining, good as new.

The electronics were not as complicated as they look here! Only a blend pot and a master volume pot are engaged.

Here’s to the next ten years of playing!

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