Some neck on ya!

Now to transform this plank of wood into a guitar neck…

While all is flat and square the router is used to channel out space for the truss rod (a metal rod which can be adjusted to counter-act the pull of the strings and keep the neck straight while playing). Two carbon fibre strips are added for extra strength, remember this guitar will have 18 strings if all goes to plan!

The half moon ends must be filled to stop any movement. The carbon fibre is epoxied in, the trust rod is held with a little mastic at either end so it can bend.

Now the head stock angle is cut with a band saw. This is where the machine heads for tuning the guitar are mounted.

Its leveled out with a plane and sanding board. Veneers of maple and rosewood are chosen and glued on top:

They’re held in place with two nails and clamped down:

Looking good. Then the taper of the neck is cut on a band saw.

Head stock design is marked out, cut on the band saw, and finished with a bobbin sander.

Now it’s looking like we might have a guitar some day!