Brace for impact!

Marking out the bracing pattern and selecting wood.

Cutting the braces from high quality quarter sawn spruce.

Found a rainbow inside! Good sign.

Housing the pieces. Notice the curve on the braces. 3mm but it should have been more I think. 

Clamp clamp clamp

Clamp clamp clamp 

Glued up an scoloped.

Shaping with a chisel

Sanding smooth 

I made a mistake here and scoloped the high part of the brace. I glued in pieces as a repair and it turned out perfect! 

rollin hills.

Mapel bridge plate glued in. It is not touching the braces.

The ends are trimmed to fit exactly up to the sides of the guitar.

The braces are housed into the kerfed lining. When it all fits the top is ready to be glued on!

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