Neck body join. Mortice and tennon or, morbid and tedium!

After flattening and leveling the area where the mortice will go, it is cut into the neck block with this router jig.

24mm x 21mm x 74mm

The tennon is cut to match the mortice by hand with a gent saw and finally shaped with a chissel.  The tennon is cut at an angle of 1.8 degrees which is the angle of the neck body join.

The heel of the neck is shaped with a chisel and Japanese saw rasp.
Meanwhile the fret slots are cut. The fretboard was made 8.5mm thick rather than the usual 6mm to acomodate the sympathetic strings. Thus extra care and attention was needed setting up the fret slotting jig.

Tapering the frt board to match the neck.

A dab of mastik on the nuts of the truss rod stops it ratteling.

Radius the fret board to 16″

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